This is for the Anatolhya campaign. Your world, as you know it, is small. You are from a primitive hunter-gatherer society. Your people have not yet learned to hot-smith iron or bronze, though you have cold forged copper and other softer metals. You have traded with nearbye tribes for Iron bits. Most of your people are proficient with leatherworking, husbandry, hunting, and identifying edible plants.

The world as you know it is called “Anatolhya”. Your smaller land, the land which your elders claim, is a small patch simply called “the Land”, stretching as far South as the Desero Ridge line, East towards the Titan Highlands, and West as far as the Lush Fields. To the North were the looming Titan Peaks.

A tenuous relationship exists between your tribe and another to the South called the Sengin.

Anatolhya E6